Text: Time to fly


 The sun is not brighter than it supposed to be. The snow stolen those little sun rays that used to illuminate my window. And if it wasn’t enough all the time locked in this house, listening to the same music, going to work at the same time… Living – mechanically, but living.

It seems to me that nothing is transformed and nothing is added up. I’ve been living like this for a long time and I can see my colors fading. Monochromatic, dramatic and somewhat problematic. Life sometimes forces us to live mechanized and rectilinear paths where any alternative route is incorrect and immoral.

I would like to study engineering, but time doesn’t allow me to. I would like to try a business on my own, but instability doesn’t give me peace of mind. I would like to travel the world, but money doesn’t supports me. When it is not money, it’s the lack of time.

That was when it seemed to me a little more obvious and a little less uncertain. The only thing I needed was courage and I’m sure that the courage I needed so much to change my life was within me. I do not fear and I can’t wait to finally spread my wings and fly. Do not forget: is never too late to risk it all, or to follow your dreams and to share you emotions with someone you love the most. Is never too late to spread your wings and fly.


Text: La Bella Vita


I don’t believe in luck. Neither in bad luck. Maybe I believe in destiny – but only if it’s fullfilled with good things. I may not be the best motivational specialist, but I’m certain that everything is going to change. I believe in a change. Everything starts (never ends) with a change.

Life is a cycle of highs and lows, achievements and defeats. One day we’re in a good mood, other day we’re with a terrible humor. One day we have a lot of money, other day we’re without it. There are days when we receive a “hi” from the person we love so much and our day suddenly becomes brighter! But in another side, one day without telling someone we love him or her is like an eternity.

We can make our day good or bad, we can work so hard to get money, we can invest a millesimal second to write a “hi” to the person we love (and we don’t have courage to say). With a single action, we can change our life forever!

For so long I believe life was a lonely and suffered place, filled with sadness and deceptions. Then I discovered that everything that was happening in my life was consequences of what I was doing (what is an obvious thing if we consider that our life is controlled by our actions).

What I’m trying to say is that I can’t ever complain about my life because I was making it running that way. But one second is enough to change paths, materialize actions and proliferate emotions.

Everthing is life is uncertain. The only certain we have is that we will all die someday. That’s what everybody says. But I belive there’s another certain in life: everything can change. Tomorrow is another day and there’s always time to restart. As hard as it gets, the most important thing is to be alive one more time.

*Esta é uma versão em inglês da crônica “La Bella Vita”. Para consultar a versão original, clique aqui.