Text: Time to fly


 The sun is not brighter than it supposed to be. The snow stolen those little sun rays that used to illuminate my window. And if it wasn’t enough all the time locked in this house, listening to the same music, going to work at the same time… Living – mechanically, but living.

It seems to me that nothing is transformed and nothing is added up. I’ve been living like this for a long time and I can see my colors fading. Monochromatic, dramatic and somewhat problematic. Life sometimes forces us to live mechanized and rectilinear paths where any alternative route is incorrect and immoral.

I would like to study engineering, but time doesn’t allow me to. I would like to try a business on my own, but instability doesn’t give me peace of mind. I would like to travel the world, but money doesn’t supports me. When it is not money, it’s the lack of time.

That was when it seemed to me a little more obvious and a little less uncertain. The only thing I needed was courage and I’m sure that the courage I needed so much to change my life was within me. I do not fear and I can’t wait to finally spread my wings and fly. Do not forget: is never too late to risk it all, or to follow your dreams and to share you emotions with someone you love the most. Is never too late to spread your wings and fly.


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