The Birthday Sailor


Rainy day, white shirt and a big smile in my face. For the first time in my life I’m so happy to grow up.

I opened my eyes and I saw everything I wanted right in front of me: Friends, family, lots of presents and, outside the window, I can see the West Coast.

Every man in my crew is celebrating my birthday with me. Some of them I don’t even know. The girl I love is also here. I couldn’t be more happier.

I wish I could be dreaming. And I really was. There was no present, no friends, no family, no love.

My momma told me once that dreams do not come true if you don’t move on and try to make them true. That’s when I discovered I am special. I’m the biggest sailor of all Pacific Ocean, but my biggest adventure was to be the way I am.

For the first time I haven’t drunk a few drinks before the party started. My head isn’t heavy and my feet don’t seems tired.

For the first time I made up my mind and decided to celebrate with those who really supports me.

For the first time I’m happy as it seems. And I don’t even needed to be scared to be this way.

I think as much as I grow up, my life is getting better. Not because I’m old, but just because I’m acting different enough to sail right up to great oceans, discovering new places, new adventures, new lovers and, specially, new ways to love myself at first. And thank you! Thank you for making me believe I am powerful than my fears.


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